Welcome to Shalhevet!

We want to give the opportunity to any Jewish student from the UK, in Year 13 or in University, to come to Jerusalem, and spend two weeks immersed in Jewish learning. The programme will give you the best of a gap year learning experience, packed into 16 days!

The main features of the program are:

  1. High level learning - there will classes on a broad range of topics; Tanach, Jewish thought, Gemara, Jewish history, meaning of Mitzvot and more. Students will be able to discuss and debate, to enable them to really understand the ideas and to connect more with Judaism. We will also bring the learning to life by learning outside of the classroom in different places all around Jerusalem and Israel. (Even though there will be lots of textual learning, no prior textual skills are necessary.)
  2. Experiencing the land and people – The programme will include a range of amazing experiences, ranging from spending an afternoon engaged in social action projects, to hearing from inspiring guest speakers, to trips around Israel to see where our history and the Tanach happened. The program itself takes place in the Old City of Jerusalem, providing the perfect setting for some unforgettable experiences.
  3. Loving Israel – we want to enjoy all the fun things Israel has to offer, and we will have hikes and water sports as well as free evenings for participants to meet up with friends. The trip features two Shabbatonim, the first in the Old City, and the second in the north of Israel. And all whilst meeting new people and forming new friendships through the program.

The mix of exciting teachers, the unique environment of the Old City of Jerusalem, and an engaging programme means that participants can experience Judaism and Torah learning in a new way, and come out more knowledgeable and inspired.

We are looking forward to welcoming you for an amazing summer!